Monday, May 6, 2019

This is the fun I have had with writing contests and publications so far in 2019:

Red Wolf Journal: Poem, Goodbye

Visual Verse: Poem, Courting Nothingness

Story, A Ghost Has No Flesh and Bones, The Vault of Terror -- Tales to Tell, Del Garrett Anthology

Script, the Journal of Creative Writers: Poem, Union Between a Man and a Woman

Green Silk Journal: Poem, Beautiful Cold

CultureCult Anthology, Nocturne: Poem, Dragged Into Nightmares

Guardian Angel Kids: My Brother is My Hero

Taco Bell Journal:  Poem, Aromas

Constellations: Poem, Thoughts to Banish

OKC Writers Contest: 3rd place, flash fiction; 3rd place, short story; 3rd place, nostalgia; 2nd place, humor; 2nd place, inspirational; and 1st place, juvenile

Chair of the Norman Galaxy of Writers Annual Writing Contest

The Report: That's a Riddle by Lisbeth L. McCarty (my puzzle contribution); continuing puzzle contributions to The WriteLine, The Choreography of Chlorophyll in The Wild Word, Flash Fiction Story in The Report

OWFI: 1st place in poetry for Heads Bowed, Eyes Down; 2nd place in Inspirational for Dreams of Sandy; 3rd place in adult short story for Peppers and Salt; and 1st Honorable Mention in Nonfiction Feature Article for When Genius Goes Wrong.

Arkansas Writer's Contest:
3rd HM, Gimme the Creeps Short Story, A Ghost Has No Flesh and Bones
2nd HM, Who-Dunnit Short Story, Off the Menu
1st Place, Prose Award, I Am Liza

2018 Norman Galaxy of Writers: Bonnie Speers Crème de la Crème winner and 1st place for Adult Short Story Peppers and Salt; 2nd place in Nostaligic Essay for Greasy Spoon Boon; 3rd place in Nonfiction Article for What's the Appeal?; 1st place in Rhymed Poetry for I Refuse; and 2nd place in juvenile fiction for I'll Have That!

Saturday, January 12, 2019

If you are reading this, you are probably a fellow writer. Welcome! How many of you have blogs that you have allowed to stay idle for far too long? This blog has been idle for years at a time. My resolution is to post more often. Even if I have no audience, I have realized that this blog can work as a diary that will never be lost and will never die.

For 2018, I was pleased to win several writing awards, but the one dearest to my heart was winning the Bonnie Speer Crème de la Crème at the annual contest of the Norman Galaxy of Writers. Because my personal belief is that the winner of that award should sit out for a year, I volunteered to be the Contest Chair for next year. I've been the Contest Chair before, and one of the great advantages is that I get to read all the entries. Wow - we have some great writers in our club!

This is a place to store my list of some of the fantastic things that happened in my life in 2018:

Category: Technical or How-To Article, 2nd place, How to Keep Your Teeth
Category: Short, Short Story, 3rd Honorable Mention, The Facially Gifted Queen of Denial. This story was also later published in The Mensa Bulletin, which is the national publication of Mensa, the high IQ organization).
Category: Juvenile Short Story, 1st Place, Wesley Whistled While Working
Category: Play, Film, or TV Script, 3rd place, The Case of the Case Grocery Store

The Norman Galaxy of Writers:
Category: Short Story,  1st place, Peppers and Salt. This was also the Crème de la Crème winner.
Category: Rhymed Poetry,  1st place, I Refuse
Category: Unrhymed Poetry, 2nd place, The Choreography of Chlorophyll
Category: Juvenile Short Story, 2nd place, I'll Have That
Category: Nostalgia, 2nd Place, Greasy Spoon Boon
Category: Nonfiction Article, 3rd place, What's the Appeal?

OKC Writers:
Category: Unrhymed Poetry: The Choreography of Chlorophyll
Category: Juvenile Fiction, 3rd place, Eli Eats Eight Eggs Every Evening

KDP, Nonfiction Book, Pirate's Treasure: A Sunken Chest
The September Mensa Bulletin (the national publication of the high IQ society, Mensa: The Facially Gifted Queen of Denial
The June Mensa Bulletin, Best Conjugations
The February Mensa Bulletin, poem I Thought I'd Feel Older
The WriteLine: Monthly column, That's Puzzling
November mphoto: Vacation Tales (including publication of three of my photos)
March mphoto, three photos of signs published
Summer The Report (publication of OWFI, org), Terse Declaration of  Doubt
Newsletter editor for Central Oklahoma Mensa for January, 2018, and March, 2018, through August, 2018

Speaker Engagements:
February, Speech to Norman Newcomers' Club regarding The Norman Galaxy of Writers;
February, The Norman Galaxy of Writers, speech about my book Mental States of Murderesses

Event planner for Central Oklahoma Mensa for January, 2018, through August, 2018. Events were:
January: Tour of Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation Lab
February: Norman Mardi Gras Parade watch from my office, Dog Sports Activity Speaker
March: Music Night
April: Dine and Draw, Dinner at 3Sixty, Attendance at a play, Attendance at Rumble (movie at the Sam Nobel Museum of Natural History), Visit to the Innovation Hub at OU, trip to see the play On The Town
May: A day at the Oklahoma 1889 Territorial Schoolhouse, Survivor to Success Speaker
June: Paint Party, On The Way to the World Championship of Public Speaking Speaker
July: Trip to the Understanding Cheese Lecture, Rosie the Riveter Crashed Granddad's Plane Speaker;
August: College Sports Official Speaker

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Alas, OU Sooners

Oh, my beloved Crimson and Cream. What happened? You started out ranked so high in football, then . . . well, let's just say three losses later and the dream is barely alive. Sammy, heal! Let the Mustache take-over. At least, as far as traditions go, a "Mustache Mafia" has to be pretty cool. And who can keep from smiling when you hear a line like "Fear the Stache!"?

Saturday, September 12, 2009

OU Football - the Fall

Nobody expected it. That made it all the sweeter for BYU. You gotta hand it to those boys from Utah. They did it. They beat OU. And they did it in the granddaddy of all stadiums, the new BIG DEAL in Texas. What happened, Sooners? Were you boys too busy checking out your mugs on the BIG SCREEN? Anyway, we true fans still bleed crimson and cream, so step it up a notch & start winning!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Carol from Pride of Pageantry?

Does anyone know if Pride of Pageantry (the magazine) still exists? Also, I am trying to find the e-mail address of Carol, the owner of that magazine. You can e-mail me at or just post below. Thanks so much!